About Mochi

Mochi is our Korean Jindo dog.  He was flown to the US via Tails to the Wind Rescues.  We happily adopted him in 2017 after a short period of rehabilitation with the dog whispering founder of ‘Tails to the Wind’, Nini.  Mochi was rescued at the hardened age of five, after what we can only guess was years of abuse.  He started off as timid and fearful but never aggressive.  I was told as soon as they got Mochi off of the 16 hour plane ride, his personality was that of being given a second chance; weary, curious, and unassuming.  When I met Mochi, his actions were sporadic and unpredictable.  He was living with other dogs, including a couple of wolf hybrids.  Luckily, Nini confirmed we were the perfect match I also felt in my heart and allowed me to take Mochi from LA back to Las Vegas with me that day!